Worldwide Commercial Seaweed Market 2018-2025 Key Manufacturers, Statistics, Demand and Growth Analysis

By | October 11, 2018

Commercial seaweed is a kind of macro algae that is found in arctic, tropical and cold water bodies. These type of seaweeds are available in different colors. These are rich in vitamins and mineral content and that somehow expands its demand in different applications ranging from food, healthcare and personal care products. This type of algae are mostly edible thus increasing its application in food industry. Higher consumption of this seaweed increases its harvesting across large number of countries. The market for commercial seaweed is witnessing substantial growth prospective and the market is expected to follow steady growth rate during the forecast period.

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The global Commercial Seaweed market will reach xxx Million USD in 2018 and with a CAGR if xx% between 2019-2025.

Product Type Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Major Company of Product Type etc.):

  • Red Seaweed
  • Brown Seaweed
  • Green Seaweed

Demand Coverage (Market Size & Forecast,  Consumer Distribution):

  • Fertilizer & agriculture
  • Personal care products
  • pharmaceutical products
  • Animal feed
  • Food
  • Others

Company Coverage (Sales data, Main Products & Services etc.):

  • Seasol International
  • Indigrow
  • CP Kelco
  • Chase Organics
  • Yan Cheng Hairui Food
  • Acadian Seaplants
  • Mara Seaweed
  • Pacific Harvest
  • Irish Seaweeds
  • Aquatic Chemicals
  •      Cargill
  • I. Du Pont de Nemours
  • Acadian Seaplants
  • Gelymar
  • Brandt Agricultural Products
  • The Cornish Seaweed Company
  • Leili Group

Major Region Market

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle East & Africa

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Some of the points from Global Commercial Seaweed Market Research Report are

1 Industry Overview

2 Commercial Seaweed Market by Type

3 Global Market Demand

4 Major Region Market

5 Major Companies List

6 Conclusion

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